CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- South Carolina GOP candidate Katie Arrington has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, the Department of Defense (DoD), asking the federal agency to hand over documents related to her separation in 2021.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia, seeks the release of public records regarding the suspension of her security clearance.

Arrington was placed on leave in May 2021 amid allegations that she leaked classified intelligence while serving as Chief Information Security Officer for the Pentagon’s Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment.

The complaint calls the NSA’s allegations that Arrington committed a security violation by releasing classified documents “baseless and/or exaggerated.”

“The decision was designed to interfere with the cyber security activities that Arrington was running through DoD, which [the National Security Agency] did not support,” the complaint reads. “Nor did certain high-ranking DoD officials want Arrington serving in a senior position within the Biden Administration due to her close previous ties with President Trump and they used NSA’s decision as a pretext to remove her.”

The April 5 suit is separate from a previous lawsuit in which Arrington claimed that the department failed to notify her about the allegations which led to her suspension.

In a series of tweets, Arrington’s attorney Mark Zaid said there are a number of “falsehoods out there that merit clarification.”

@karringtonsc was absolutely NOT fired from DoD. #Arrington absolutely did NOT have her security clearance revoked. Arrington did NOT leak classified information. Anyone who claims otherwise is either misinformed, ignorant or intentionally lying,” one of the tweets read.

Arrington is suing the Pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act, which Zaid said will force the U.S. government to reveal “what led to its decisions & what we viewed as frivolous (even political in nature) security clearance action.”

Just days after she resigned from her position in February, Arrington announced a run for SC’s First Congressional District. She is one of two Republican challengers looking to unseat incumbent Nancy Mace.

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