CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The South Carolina Ports Authority announced new redevelopment plans for the future of the Union Pier Terminal, the current home of Carnival Cruises. President and CEO Barbara Melvin laid out different ideas so that people can give their feedback.

“Union Pier will be redeveloped into a space that benefits the city and its residents,” says Melvin.

With dozens of acres of property to build on, SC Ports Authority is looking to make a place to host events, have waterfront access, and a space for people to shop and live.

“We are looking at putting in greenspaces and public waterfront access. How nice will that be because we are a harbor city with not a lot of access to the waterfront,” says Melvin.

Union Pier is close to the Passenger Terminal, where the SC Ports Authority currently has a contract with Carnival Cruise lines “Sunshine” cruise ship until 2024.

“It opens up a lot of this property because those are cruise passengers. That opens up this property for redevelopment,” says Melvin.

Marcus McDonald says he wants a diverse area so that black-owned businesses can thrive too.

“I want to see a diverse group of entrepreneur spaces so a diverse culture. You see the Gadsden Harbor where the International African American Museum is,” says McDonald.

The next step is hearing the public input for what they are wanting to see in the project. McDonald says he wants an area that will benefit the growing area in the future.

“If it can create opportunities for everybody in the community, and everyone in Charleston that will be a good deal,” he says.

The SC Ports Authority plan to have two more meetings in the fall so that people can give their opinions on the project.