School districts weigh-in on how remote instruction went during the pandemic; last day of e-Learning for some students

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)— Today is the last day of instruction for Charleston County School District and Dorchester District Two.

Some district officials say some students have not completed any e-learning assignments.

State Superintendent, Molly Spearman, says about 40,000 students in South Carolina haven’t turned in a single assignment since schools closed.

The Charleston County School District says social workers are checking on 30 of their students they haven’t heard from.

We’re told every an electronic device, like a Chromebook, was made available to every Charleston County student.

The district’s Chief Academic Officer, Karolyn Belcher, says when students return to the classroom.. the focus will be evaluating if they absorbed what was taught through e-learning.

“None of us expected this to go on for so long and it felt wrong to focus on testing or outcomes, especially since families were balancing a lot. I think that leaves a lot of ambiguity on where kids are actually academically right now. I think we are really eager to get to the point where we can assess how kids are doing”.

Karolyn Belcher, Chief Academic Officer, Charleston County School District

While Friday was the last scheduled day for DD2 students to turn in work, schools are working with students who may be behind, on an individual basis, through the beginning of next week.

Officials say next school year, all K-12 students will have electronic devices and they are working to train teachers how to use them effectively.

“As the district implements a new technology program approved in January, elementary, middle and high school students will each have electronic devices beginning with next school year.  Virtual staff development is already underway for teachers to prepare them for utilizing these devices to maximize instruction.  This experience has provided insight into the power of technology resources and support to benefit students when utilized correctly”.

Dorchester District Two

Colleton County School District officials sent News 2’s Taylor Murray a statement:

 “Our staff members have undergone professional training detailing best remote learning methods/ strategies and we are aggressively seeking funding to improve our existing distance learning systems.”

Colleton County School District

Williamsburg County School District officials say 75% to 90% of middle and high school students completed e-learning assignments.

 In a statement, the district says:

     “Some noted challenges related to e-learning included: students’ inability to fully understand concepts; lack of sufficient internet service and required technology; and failure to adhere to deadlines set by teachers.”

Williamsburg County School District

Charleston County, Dorchester District Two, Colleton County, and Williamsburg County School Districts all say they are waiting for state education officials to determine how and when to reopen.

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