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As we begin a new school year, Count on 2’s Octavia Mitchell sat down one on one with the leaders of our local school districts. Today we’re in Charleston county, the second largest school district in the state.

Dr. Gerrita Postlewait will welcome nearly fifty thousand students back to Charleston county’s eighty-seven schools and programs. This year, CCSD will open three new schools. “One of the most exciting things is we’re opening three new schools. We have new significant renovations at a fourth. In North Charleston, we’re opening a new Burns Elementary, significant renovations, total make-over at Dunston Elementary. We have a brand new Stono Park in West Ashley, in addition to twelve classrooms at Moultrie. We’re looking forward to that, as well as upgrades and additions at several other schools,” says Dr. Postlewait.

The district will implement three of several mission critical actions at the beginning of this school year. Postlewait says, “The board has significantly expanded access to mental health and emotional wellness counseling for children. Children in every school will have access, we hope quickly as needed to mental health services. Another we are working on is thinking about examining very carefully the preschool program, getting kids ready. We have too many children starting school way behind their peers. Another area is opening access and opportunity to more children in school choice, getting that process a little cleaner than it’s been. There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding school choice and magnet school entrance criteria. Those actions we’re working on right now, others are in the cue.” Dr. Postlewait says a small group is working to bring ideas regarding these issues to the school board in September. Parents will have the opportunity to weigh in.

Postlewait says they are working hard to ensure a great year. “This is a happy new year for us. Educators get as excited about the start of this school year, as we get about anything else. We want to work with every parent and student to make sure it’s a successful year. If people are experiencing problems, we’re here to be responsive to do our best to make sure every single one of our 50-thousand students experiences joy in learning and success.”

Charleston County School District has a back to school hotline. Just call 843-937-6366 for all of your back to school questions. It is open from eight to four thirty through Thursday.

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