NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Thousands of animals across South Carolina are in need of adoption including some more exotic options you may not think about taking home with you at the Charleston Animal Society.

“Right now, we have a bearded dragon which is a very cool lizard and they have special needs, special diet as well as two bunnies, and two guinea pigs, so that’s a lot of animals that are extra care at the Charleston Animal Society as well as needing homes,” said Kay Hyman who is the director of community engagement at Charleston Animal Society.

Pets like parrots or other exotic animals are also available to take home from the Charleston Animal Society.

“I don’t see more people asking for them cause these guys have been here for at least a week. That’s a long time in the shelter. What I see is people unfortunately giving them up,” said Hyman.

Although the cost of caring for these pets might be high because of cages and special food, staff at the shelter say there are perks of owning them.

“It’s easier to care for them really honestly it is a lot easier. You don’t have to go for walks. If you’re disabled it might be a wonderful thing to have a bird that can keep you company during the day.” said Hyman.

If you are unable to take one of these pets home you can help in other ways by fostering animals.

“You could easily help us one open a cage for another animal and two get that animal into a perfect home,” said Hyman.

To see what exotic animals are available for adoption click here.