CHARLESTON, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Sometimes, life takes a little figuring out. Some trial and error. But for some, their calling is clear from day one.

“I had no flip-flopping back and forth,” Joan Cooksey said. “What do I want to do with my life? This is where I wanted to be.” 

“It’s just us, no one else involved, and it’s — we’ve always had to work through it,” Ellie Berry said.

For Joan and Ellie, their family’s fish market is always where they want to be.

“I always look — every sunset is different, every sunrise is different, we catch both of them generally — we work a lot,” Ellie said.

They’ve owned and run their family’s fish market, Crosby’s Shrimp and Fish Co., since 1988.

“It’s a lot going on in a small spot,” Ellie said.

“We’ve been through a lot together!” laughed Joan.

A lot. It all started from the moment they were born.

“She’s seven minutes older,” Joan quipped. “Seven minutes,” Ellie shot back.

“I think that’s all I have to say,” Joan laughed. “Her way or the highway, I call it,” Ellie teased.

It’s a male-dominated industry that’s starting to change.

“Super proud, super,” said Ellie.

They should be. Their shop on the road to Folly Beach is on a small, untouched slice of the low country. Their market has locals and visitors coming by every year.

“We’re in the business to make people happy, and food makes people happy,” said Joan.

While it can mean long days at times, it’s okay.

Because they’re exactly where they want to be, right next to each other.