Snowden Community concerned over annexation for sewage services

Local News

Mount Pleasant, SC (WCBD) – Residents in the Snowden community are concerned over Mount Pleasant Waterworks wastewater project that plans to only provide sewer to the 28 of them that have annexed to the Town of Mount Pleasant instead of the entire community.

The Snowden Community is one of the few remaining unincorporated African-American Settlements in Mount Pleasant. Residents say that in 2003 every individual in the unincorporated settlement signed contracts with Mount Pleasant Waterworks to be included in the wastewater project for sewage services.

The community who currently relies on an outdated septic system, says that the original project stated that it would provide sewer for the entire community without an annexation requirement. They say that easements were even signed by Snowden giving permission for Mount Pleasant Waterworks to use their land for sewage lines. They say that they have been waiting on the sewer service promised to them since the early 2000’s. Recently, they say they were informed by Mount Pleasant Waterworks of a phase 2 of the project– a phase that was never listed in the original contract. It states that they must annex to the Town of Mount Pleasant in order to receive sewer services.

Adriane Smalls-Owens, Snowden Community Resident says, “After 20 years or more of waiting, the town of Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Waterworks has used federal dollars and is slated to begin phase 2 that would only provide wastewater services to the 28 Town of Mount pleasant residents instead of the entire Snowden community.”

Mayor Will Haynie, Town of Mount Pleasant says he is dedicated to being part of the conversation to protect the Snowden Community as an unincorporated settlement while seeing that they are included in sewage services.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks has issued a statement saying that the Snowden Wastewater Project will be put on hold while they discuss Mount Pleasant’s annexation ordinance with the Town of Mount Pleasant and Charleston County.

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