Snowden Community still seeking sewer service without annexation

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C (WCBD) – Mount Pleasant Waterworks is finally speaking out about a nearly 20-year long dispute with people who live in the Snowden community. Neighbors say that Mount Pleasant Waterworks is trying to force annexation into the town for them to have sewer service. 

MerrieLee Waters, a Snowden Community Resident speaks out against Town of Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Waterworks saying, “They are choosing to help uphold that ordinance.”

Earlier today, members of the unincorporated African-American settlement, Snowden, unite asking Mount Pleasant waterworks to provide sewer services to them without having to join the Town of Mount Pleasant.


Donna Brown Newton, a Snowden Community Resident, says “Back in 2005, we had an agreement with the Town of Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Waterworks, that we the Snowden residents were not required to annex into the Town of Mount Pleasant for us to receive wastewater service.”


They say that a decade ago, they paid $50-dollar deposits and granted easements to Mount Pleasant Waterworks in order to be a part of a Wastewater project and given access to the sewer lines. However, now they say that Mount Pleasant Waterworks wastewater project is in phase 2 and requiring annexation to tap into the sewer lines. They say this is a breach of the contract they thought they had.


MerrieLee Waters, a Snowden Community Resident says, “They are not allowing us to get a public service that we have a right to as tax payers, so really holding us hostage, strong arming us.”


At a Mount Pleasant Waterworks meeting this evening, General Manager, Clay Duffie addressed the accusations made by Snowden.


He says, “The allegation being made have zero basis in fact”.


He also says that there was never a contract that promised sewer without annexation.


Clay Duffie, GM of Mount Pleasant Waterworks, says “There is not a process that doesn’t require complying with annexation ordinance. You know, we can’t change the town’s ordinance, only town council can modify that ordinance.”


In a statement released by Mount Pleasant Waterworks in response to the Snowden Community’s concerns they say, “We look forward to our continued work with the Town of Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, and Snowden residents to resolve the issue not only for Snowden, but for other settlement communities in our service area.”


Members of the Snowden Community say that they are still confused and have unsettled feelings about Mount Pleasant Waterworks wastewater project.


Michael German, a Snowden Community Resident says, “None of this is clear, none of this makes sense. Its almost like they are talking from both sides of their mouth.”


Mount Pleasant Waterworks says that there will be a public meeting on May 15th to discuss potential strategies and solutions. (Time & Location- TBD)

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