CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Protecting green space here in the Lowcountry, that’s the goal of greenbelt projects now being considered by Charleston County Council. The goal is to make sure land stays open to the public rather than letting private companies develop it. 

Some of the greenspaces being considered include Brantley Park on James Island, the Oaks Plantation in West Ashley and the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Beach Path. The greenbelt project would protect 23 acres of land people use to get to the beaches and hike in the woods on Sullivan’s Island.

“Most of these that we’re talking about tomorrow, they’re in urban areas. They’re urban green properties that will stay green, they won’t be developed,” Council Vice Chairman Herbert Ravenel Sass said. “They won’t be built up with apartments or townhouses, and things like that. And a couple of them are in really strategic locations, which make a big difference when you want to make a really fantastic park or a green space for people.”

But this is only 23 of the 18-hundred acres of greenspace that may soon be protected in Charleston County. Last Thursday, the finance committee approved seven of the ten proposed greenbelt projects. The full council will vote tonight whether to approve those projects. They also plan to discuss the three projects that did not make it out of the finance committee. 

“There were three projects I think that didn’t make it last week,” Sass said. “Those projects, some people had some problems or questions about them, and they’re going back to re-work them and see what kind of questions need to be, what can be corrected or are they good enough to come forward and be passed?”

Charleston County Council will meet Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the county council chambers in North Charleston.