COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson on Thursday announced that a State Grand Jury has brought seven new indictments against disgraced Hampton County lawyer Alex Murdaugh.

The indictments consist of 21 new charges including: nine counts of Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent; seven counts of Computer Crimes; four counts of Money Laundering and one count of Forgery. Murdaugh now faces 48 total State Grand Jury Charges.

21 new grand jury charges filed against Alex Murdaugh, the latest in a slew of mounting issues for the suspended attorney.

“He is now facing scores of charges, very serious financial crimes,” says former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon. “He’s staring a lengthy prison sentence in the face.”

Condon expects Murdaugh’s attorneys to work towards a resolution regarding the mounting charges and alleged crimes ranging from money laundering to forgery, computer crimes and more.

“Given the scores of charges, as I’ve thought from the beginning – this has negotiated plea really written all over it with a lengthy prison sentence,” says Condon.

The new charges, coming days after a new lawsuit was filed by Patrick Carr on behalf of Anthony Cook. Cook was a passenger on the fatal 2019 boating accident involving 6 passengers including Murdaugh’s son Paul who was accused of driving at the time of the accident.

“My client was ejected from the boat and he nearly died from hypothermia that night swimming in the river trying to save his girlfriend, Mallory Beach,” says Carr.

The lawsuit names Murdaugh as well as Parker’s Kitchen and the company’s CEO where Paul Murdaugh purchased alcohol for the boat passengers before the accident. Carr says the passengers should’ve never been in that position.

“The tragedy that occurred could have been and should’ve been avoided had Paul Murdaugh not been permitted to purchase alcohol,” says Carr.

A motion filed earlier this week claims Bank of America helped Murdaugh launder money through fake bank accounts under the name “Forge.”

“They’re innocent here, they didn’t know anything that was going on in these bank accounts – we find that incredible,” says Attorney Ronnie Richter, Co-Counsel for the Estate of the Murdaugh’s long-time housekeeper Gloria Satterfield. “If they were ignorant, it was only through willful blindness – it wasn’t because this activity was not there to be seen.”

Richter says Murdaugh and the Bank of America likely weren’t alone.

“It appears that $1.8 million dollars more or less through 254 separate checks was paid to Charles Smith who has become known as Cousin Eddie,” says Richter.

Legal experts say this list of charges could only be the beginning for Alex Murdaugh.

“His day of reckoning relative to these crimes is coming sooner than later,” says Condon.

These charges are in addition to those brought against Murdaugh by the Grand Jury in November.

Five of the new indictments are venued in Hampton County, one is in Colleton County, and one is in Beaufort County.

The indictments come just one day before a bond hearing was scheduled for the previous indictments. That hearing was postponed to the morning of December 13th in light of the new developments.