Students take “next giant leap” in Apollo challenge

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – 50 years ago Neil Armstrong took “one giant leap for mankind”- now it’s time for the next leap forward. ANGLES- the Apollo Next Giant Leap Student Challenge is a nationwide event that allows students to recreate the moon landing using drones and robots. This event put on by the South Carolina Space Grant focused on bringing us back to the moon and beyond with the next generation of student scientists.

On Thursday, three teams of students met at the Military Magnet Academy in North Charleston and competed for a trip to Johnson Space Center in Houston. 

There’s more than it appears- students collaborated, assigned team roles, practiced flying, built and coded a robot to explore an 8 by 10 map of the same lunar surface that Apollo landed on- while avoiding craters and recovering a rock sample. 

“I’m excited about doing this- you know getting older because I want to see that happen. We haven’t been to the moon in 50 years and I would like to see us go back to the moon, out to Mars, and beyond that. So I’m hoping that one of these students will be one of the ones that go to Mars.”

Greg Synder- ANGLES Judge and Geochemist

It’s great fun- while inspiring students on summer break to be involved in STEM.  

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