GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Success for the Knights of Stratford hasn’t come over night.

“Our challenges have been so hard, so difficult. We’ve had back-to-back loses and loses on top of loses,” said senior forward Yasmine Cook.

Known more for football and titles on the diamond, the Stratford girl’s basketball team is starting to make some noise of their own.

“The team is really on the same page now and were working together and were using fundamental stuff to bring the team closer,” senior forward Kaleyia Brown said.

The Knights recorded their first winning season last year in quite some time.

This season they are 14-3 and currently ranked number one in the state for the first time ever.

“Seeing them to be able to enjoy and being rewarded and recognized other than me just recognizing them, other people seeing them and recognizing them it means everything to them,” said Stratford head coach Kelly McNeil.

And knowing the struggles this program has endured makes that recognition ever sweeter.

“I think that that stays in the back of their mind and it’s something that they are mature enough about. We’re not gonna let this happen this is what we deserve, we’ve worked hard for it,” McNeil said.

The girls have a little more pep in their step around school.

A team that has stayed together, is truly achieving more.

“Winning is really fun. You can brag, you can do anything. If you’re winning and you got a good team behind you that can back you up with that, you should be good.” said Kaleyia Brown.