SULLIVANS ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD)- 217 bicycles are going to be a Christmas present for a child in need thanks to neighbors and police officers on Sullivan’s Island.

The town’s police department headed the initiative and was able to eclipse their goal of 200 bikes collected on Monday.

“Whenever (the kids) see the bikes they light up. It’s so heartwarming. A lot of the times they’ll ride the little bicycle outside, it’s cute,” said Marine Corps Corporal Adrian Smith.

The collection started after Patrolman Glenn Meadows’ wife gave him the idea on Thanksgiving. Meadows and the police department got the idea approved days later.

“It ballooned from there. Everyday we would receive bicycles or we would receive a request to go pick up bicycles that someone had ordered,” said Patrolman Meadows.

The department says that residents were calling and dropping off bikes at the police station everyday. One anonymous donor contributed 70 bikes to the tally to help the town reach their goal.

“I had no idea that we would receive donations as large as we got from some of the residents. It was amazing,” said Patrolman Meadows.

One member of the department, Officer Thomas McLellan, touched every single bike donated to make sure they were safe.

“I would say probably 130 bikes were in a box that we built from scratch,” said Officer McLellan. “I also handle all the maintenance on all the police cars also so I’m pretty familiar. I love turning wrenches and what not so this was actually a lot of fun.”

For the town’s first time collecting and donating on this scale, Patrolman Meadows is thankful for the support.

“It’s almost like a dream come true to see the community come together in a partnership like this with the police department to then give back to the community we serve. I was just blown away,” said Patrolman Meadows.