Summerville couple returns home from Peru after three weeks due to Coronavirus shutdowns

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Summerville, S.C. – WCBD – Mehndi Jager and her husband went to Peru for a trip that was supposed to last 10 days. They never imagined they would be stuck there for three weeks.

Mehndi says she and her husband were joined by 5,000 other Americans who were in Peru and unable to get home due to Peru closing their borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“So we’re out in this hot sun in these huge long lines and they process us, we get on these charter buses and wait for all the Americans to go through that process,” said Mehndi referring to the journey it was to get home.

The Jagers were in touch with representatives from Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham’s office. They were also in communication with the U.S. Embassy, but Mehndi says the efforts were to no avail.

“Yeah that certainly felt like abandonment. When the U.S. Embassy wasn’t communicating… It really felt like they had dropped the ball.”

Mehndi Jager, Summerville Resident

Mehndi hopes the process for rescuing Americans is looked at and improved.

“Certainly there has to be a process you know how to evacuate Americans out of the country. I’m certain that’s happened before. I’m a little disappointed in that and it definitely did feel like abandonment,” said Jager.

The Jagers are thankful to be home and reunited with their children.

“We’re so excited! we’ve been having so much family time. It’s nice to just be able to touch them, and hold them, and smell them, and squeeze them and everything’s together. It’s the perfect segue from being totaling without them to now being totaling immersed with them you know our lives are completely meshed all together.”

Mehndi Jager, Summerville Resident

Mehndi has now begun her own blog describing her experience in Peru and the journey to get home.

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