SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD)- Town leaders are working to improve traffic flow on a busy Summerville road.

The town council held a special meeting Monday morning to vote on whether or not to keep a stop sign at the intersection of Beaufort and West Carolina Avenue which was scheduled to be removed.

“Council has decided they’re going to leave the stop sign at Beaufort Street…to see how the traffic flows,” Assistant Town Engineer Bonnie Miley said. “…see if it’s too much to have the stop sign right there at Beaufort and South Laurel Street or if it should be taken down.”

The speed at which people drive through the area, specifically West Carolina Avenue, has become a concern, according to town councilmembers.

“It’s a greater problem between Central Avenue and Main Street,” Town Councilman Terry Jenkins said. “We have traditionally had two stop signs between there. We moved one of the stop signs from Beaufort Street to Laurel Street because that’s where the playground is and we made a decision today to continue to leave the Beaufort Street stop sign in place.”

Leaders said they hope slower traffic will reduce the likelihood of crashes happening in the area.

“We’re just making sure we take a look at it and calm it down so we don’t have accidents and particularly so we don’t have some child get hit or killed there,” Jenkins said.

Town council is expected to review the plans in December and decide whether any additional changes should be made.