SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Officers with the Summerville Police Department are using a new tool to help them restrain violent or physically resisting individuals.

The device, which the department added earlier this year, is known as ‘BolaWrap,’ a remote restraint tool used for immobilizing and controlling resistive or non-compliant people and those with known or suspected mental health issues.

Summerville Police Department is the first Lowcountry agency to use the devices – they have five that were issued to officers patrolling the streets.

The devices were purchased using a grant. They are looking to add another 115 through a federal grant program.

Officers who are eligible to use the device must successfully complete approved training that is held annually.

“The police department understands the growing concerns of use of force encounters especially when dealing with individuals with a mental health crisis,” the department said in a news release Friday. “The BolaWrap device addresses these concerns so officers have another approach to restrain an individual, minimizing harm to the subjects.”