Summerville Town Council passes first of reading of smoking ban for public parks and events

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On Thursday night, Summerville Town Council passed the first reading of a smoking ban for public parks and at special public events.

Council members discussed making changes to the existing smoking regulations to prohibit smoking in the 11 parks that the town operates and during special events on town streets.

If the changes are approved, smoking would be permitted in parking lots at town parks. The proposed amendments also state that the town administrator has the discretion, but not the obligation, to create designated smoking areas in proximity to a parade or event.

Summerville spokeswoman Mary Edwards said that one of the reasons the ban is being considered is to keep the town’s parks clean.

“Our crews are out there every single day working hard and they pick up cigarette butts all the time so this really is to eliminate that problem,” said Edwards.

The ordinance amendment requires two readings by town council before it can become effective.

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