NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Mayor Keith Summey shared the City of North Charleston’s accomplishments from 2022, and detailed his plans for 2023, during his State of the City address.

Mayor Summey addressed North Charleston citizens as he nears his 29th year as the city’s leader.

“I have strived to continue the growth of the quality of life for all,” Summey said. “Ups and downs have occurred, but it is undeniable that the modern North Charleston is a place that celebrates its inclusivity and diversity while standing as an economic powerhouse in the state.”

The mayor says one way he intends to keep building on the city’s prominent economic stature is by restoring property like the north end of the former navy base.

“After the city gained ownership of the majority of this property Palmetto Railways,” Summey said, “we immediately began master planning the 65-acre waterfront tract with the vision of a high-density mixed-use development.”

He says dated facilities such as the Danny Jones Recreation Complex will also be replaced by new, innovative developments meant to accommodate modern needs.

“The $25 million project includes a 25-meter competitive pool to complement the North Charleston Aquatic Center in Dorchester County,” Summey said, “a proper gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and a myriad of other indoor athletics.”

One thing not included in the mayor’s address, but many people are wondering, will this be his final year as mayor of North Charleston?

“That’s a decision that has to come from more than just me,” Summey said. “I have to have dialogue with my family, dialogue with my team, and I will make that decision probably within the next 30 to 45 days.”