Supply chain issues, inflation increase holiday food prices; local farmers feeling impact

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Thanksgiving dinner could cost Americans more this year as demand for products rises, shipping materials are more expensive and deliveries are disrupted.

“It’s almost a perfect storm of multiple issues at one time,” said Dr. Trey Malone, an agricultural and food economist at Michigan State University.

The cost of turkey is set to break the all time record by the end of the year, but that’s not the only Thanksgiving staple that costs more money.

Canned cranberry sauce is going up in price because the cans are made of steel, a product that has gone up more than 200% in price. In North Carolina, shipping sweet potatoes from farm to table is almost twice as costly.

“Last year we saw shockingly low prices in terms of what the average Thanksgiving was costing. This year we are expecting very high Thanksgiving prices,” said Malone.

As prices rise and more people are attending Thanksgiving gatherings this year, shopping local is another option to get your food for less money and support local farmers.

“Everything seems to be increasing,” said Thomas Legare of Legare Farms. “The problem is that the American farmer is not seeing the increase that the consumer is seeing at the grocery store.”

While prices in grocery stores are up, Legare Farms is trying to keep prices steady.

“We are trying to hold our prices reasonable. I don’t know long we’re going to be able to do it. But we’re trying to not raise our prices too much and affect our customers,” said Thomas Legare.

While the Legares are dropping off holiday meats, produce and pies every week, it’s difficult not to raise prices as fertilizer and animal feed are costing more money.

“We’ve had to go up a little bit on some of our prices on things just because we have higher prices on fuel and other items we have to buy,” said Legare.

Legare says that the uncertain times are worth it as the family helps put food on the table for a Lowcountry Thanksgiving.

“It’s stressful but it’s a way of life that we enjoy and we look forward to every day when we get up and go to work,” said Legare.

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