CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) -A North Charleston teacher collaborated with a local bike shop to fulfill her dream of giving a bike to every child at her school.

Katie Blomquist, a first grade teacher at Pepperhill Elementary decided to try to raise enough money to buy bikes for  all the students at Pepperhill via the popular crowdfunding page “go fundme“. Due to her efforts Bloomquist was able to raise over $80,600.

Affordabike Bicycle Shop located on King Street in Downtown Charleston is helping fulfill her 550 bike order, 100 bikes are being donated from another source.

Affordabike Bicycle Shop owner, Danny Einhorn helped Blomquist design the bicycles that  students at Pepperhill will receive. The pair decided to name the model of the bike “The Future”.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, a lot of logistics just to get the bikes from our store to the school, but once we see the looks on all those kids faces I’m sure it will be well worth it,” said Einhorn.

Affordabike will be donating a bicycle lock to be gifted with every bike.

It is anticipated that the bike will be given to the children in late March.