CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – It was a controversy around the country, photos of the Governor of Virginia, in his yearbook, in a racially insensitive photo.

Now, a local college is coming out to say their yearbooks have pictures of people in racially insensitive photos too. Officials with the Citadel are meeting with members of the National Action Network.

Elder Johnson with the National Action Network says he was sent old Citadel yearbook photos of people in racially insensitive photos or making racist comments and of course this all follows the controversy facing Virginia state officials.

This is something the Citadel has been transparent about while The president addressed the issue in a statement last week and in today’s meeting.

What could be done to get rid of those pictures could be discussed and that the yearbooks will likely be placed away but a couple of those pictures will be saved and used as teaching devices.