Tips on how to stay healthy during holiday travel

Local News

Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – Holiday season brings good food and time with family, but it can also bring extra coughs and runny noses.  

With the outbreak of mumps in Charleston, Roper Saint Francis E.R. Doctor John Walters says it is best to stay home if you have symptoms of the disease.  

Symptoms of mumps include soreness or swelling of the neck. 

The mumps vaccine is 88% effect. 

If you have had the disease, then you have developed an immunity to it.  

The virus is contagious and is spread through saliva.  

Doctors recommend you wash your hands, cover your mouth and do not share eating utensils.  

If you plan to travel internationally Dr. Walters says to visit the CDC website or a travel medicine doctor to confirm whether a vaccine is required to visit your destination.

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