To flush or not to flush? Plumbing company explains what items could ruin your toilet

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GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Stores in the Upstate have seen a spike in the demand for toilet paper, which has caused a local shortage.

Some people have resorted to using whatever they can get their hands on such as baby wipes, napkins and paper towels.

There’s a few things people should know before flushing anything down the toilet.

Rusty Greer, co-owner at Plumbing In Pink, a local female and veteran owned plumbing company, was kind enough to explain which things people should and should not flush.

We learned that there are several everyday items that are being put into toilets that should not be flushed at all.

“Paper towels and flushable wipes like baby wipes even contraceptives we have found that have stopped up toilets, building drains and even septic tans,” Greer said.

But the list of items his company encounters deep inside of clients’ pipes seems never ending.

“Feminine products, dental floss, Q-tips, cat litter, grease, these are several things we have come across in the field that people have put down the toilet,” Greer said.

If you have already flushed baby wipes, paper towels or any foreign object he says there’s a chance it’s stuck somewhere in your plumbing system and you’ll need a professional to remove it.

“If they continue to flush them it is going to stop up. You will notice a gurgling noise or water starting to come up into your shower or tub. Toilets will start bubbling and making noises, and sometimes you can hear the laundry gurgling as well, ” Greer said.

Greer explained that there’s only two things that are meant to be flushed down the toilet: bodily fluids and toilet paper.

Even with COVID-19 sweeping across the U.S., Greer says if you need to call a plumber they are taking every precaution needed to protect their clients and employees.

“We walk in with shoe covers, we wear rubber gloves, we wear masks, if we’re in the home for longer than 30 minutes we’re wearing Tyvek suits, so we’re not just protecting you we’re also protecting us, ” Greer said.

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