MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- The Town of Mount Pleasant has been conducting a comprehensive traffic study since January, aimed at decreasing congestion on roads and clearing wrecks more quickly.

If you live or work in Mount Pleasant, you know traffic can be a headache.

“On Houston Northcutt, I’ll sit there for at least 30 minutes to turn left,” driver, Dave Casey said.

Especially when there’s a wreck, drivers like Casey say their commute becomes excessive.

Casey said, “I’ve sat on that bridge 35-40 minutes multiple times to get across.”

However, it’s an issue leaders in the town are very aware of.

“What we have to deal with everyday most of us is sitting in traffic,” Mayor of Mount Pleasant Will Haynie said.

Haynie says a traffic study being conducted since January has exposed the areas most vulnerable to congestion due to a wreck, the worst being the intersection of Houston Northcutt and Johnnie Dodds.

“So now the transportation committee is wading through the options from long term things that cost millions, to what can we do now,” Haynie said.

What they’re doing now is introducing quick-response emergency vehicles that will be stationed at problem spots throughout Mount Pleasant, ready to clean up an accident scene at any time.

“This is to get them out of the way, get the road cleaned up, and the focus is on getting traffic flowing again,” Haynie said.

It’s just part of the solution, but Mayor Haynie says it’s a promising start.

“That is not the comprehensive answer, but that is the first answer that we can get on in a matter of months,” Haynie said.

Drivers say they’re happy for any relief.

“At least they’re gonna try to do something, that’s something someone above me has to figure out,” Casey said.

Haynie says another troublesome area is 526 and Long Point Road, but Haynie says the state is working to improve that intersection.