MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C (WCBD)– One of the first African American fighter pilots to fight combat in World War II visited the USS Yorktown on Sunday for a meet and greet with the public.

Dozens of people gathered on the USS Yorktown to meet Lt. Eugene Richardson. Visitors traveled to hear about his experience as one of the famous Tuskegee airmen.

Lt. Richardson served in the military from 1944 to 1946. During his service, the civil rights movement was underway. The Tuskegee men’s bravery paved the way for future airmen of color.

“An outstanding combat record inspired revolutionary reform in the armed services that refers to the fact in 1948 President Harry Truman issued executive orders to ending segregation throughout the military,” said Richardson.

Many people reflected and listened during the event of the hard work and selfless acts the men achieved in the hard times of society.

Perry Jenkins, a former military member, said it’s important to share the stories of our history with generations to come so they can understand how far we’ve come.

“We can’t forget the sacrifices these guys made, and we will never forget that we are part of this generation, which is the world’s best and wisest era WWII, and we can aviate even though they weren’t accepted they did what they had to do for this country and we want to make sure to remember their legacy, “said Jenkins.

Lt. Richardson plans to continue advocating for the greater Philadelphia chapter of Tuskegee Airmen.