DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – This week you voted for your go-to Lowcountry brewery and Edmund’s Oast received the most votes.

The brewery makes a wide variety of beers from fruit and sours to seltzers and IPA’s. You can even find Strawberry Rhubarb on the drink menu.

“The beer program and the restaurant was doing well, so we decided that we wanted to make more beer,” said Brewing Director Cameron Read.

Edmund’s Oast Restaurant decided to expand it’s business into a brewery.

“It’s a very casual easy-going environment, obviously during COVID it’s a lot different than it normally is and, knock on wood, we’re slowly progressing through,” said Read.

To the company’s surprise business still poured in during the pandemic.

“We started to do a lot of to-go business which picked up pretty aggressively right out of the gate of COVID which was a big shock to all of us,” said Read.

But back to beers… “Oh boy, we have all kinds of stuff, so we’ve done since we’ve opened we’ve done probably 100 plus different beers, so there’s always something new coming out,” said Read.

Lindsey Forbes visiting from Pennsylvania said it was the taste of the beers that drew her in while visiting the Lowcountry.

“We got their beers before at North Carolina at one of their beer stores and really liked it and wanted to come down here and check out the brewery,” said Forbes.

It’s also the locals who keep the place busy. People like Roscoe Bolton who is a regular from Charleston and was enjoying a Sorbet sour when we caught up with him.

“We’ve been coming here for a long time. We’ve got kids, so the field outside is great for letting them run around in and just be able to relax, enjoy a couple of beers, and the time outside,” said Roscoe

“Our regulars are amazing, they’re what keep us going and the local Charleston crew that comes and hangouts and drinks and buys our beer we wouldn’t be without them either,” Read said.