Up 2 you: What makes the S.C. Aquarium a popular place for a staycation

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DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Friday, June 18th is National Wanna Get Away Day, and the South Carolina Aquarium was voted as one of the most popular places to visit for a staycation.

“One thing we’re known for is leading people to water wildlife, and wild places, and certainly our location on the harbor is indicative of that. We enjoy educating the public, and visitors, and members, so those interactions are paramount to what we do,” said Brent Duncan, public relations manager for the S.C. Aquarium.

The most popular exhibit at the South Carolina Aquarium is ‘The Shallows,’ which Duncan says is a figure 8 tank where people can actually touch stingrays. “It’s neat and there’s actually a feeding experience as well that people can add on; so, it’s just a really interactive exhibit,” but if you asked him what his favorite exhibit is he’d tell you, “Probably the otter exhibit. We just introduced two new otters Charlie and Beau into that exhibit and it’s neat just to see them swim around and play and enjoy all the enrichment activities that we have and just immersing themselves in that exhibit.”

The animals people are most excited to see are the sharks and turtles. “We’re known for our sea turtle rehab and so you can go into our exhibit at any time and see a roster of current patients and what their treatments are and just read all about their stories,” said Duncan.

Home to more than 5,000 animals, you can see the difference in all of South Carolina’s habitats.

“It’s just the interaction, you know, whether it’s engaging with an educator on the floor or seeing a procedure being done by our animal care staff in real-time you’re going to come here and learn something,” said Duncan.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, South Carolina Aquarium officials hope you take the experience home.

“We want you to walk away from your visit enlightened, educated, and just know what you can do to feel empowered to be a better steward for the environment,” said Duncan.

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