CHARLESTON S.C (WCBD)—On Thursday, city leaders had a resiliency and sustainability meeting to discuss new regulations and updates.

Charleston city officials are considering banning single-use plastics, including more restrictions on plastic bags, and preventing restaurants from providing plastic utensils unless the customer specifically requests them.

“Today, the resiliency and sustainability advisory committee met and reviewed a draft amendment to fix the extra thick plastic bag loophole in our current plastic ordinance, and they voted to move it forward to the city council for consideration,” said Katie McKain, director of sustainability of Charleston.

Restrictions on single-use plastics have been in place for years, but some were relaxed during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow restaurants to continue operating. Putting stricter rules back in place could force restaurants to modify their operations.

Blake Overstreet, a manager at Rusty Bull, said The company adapted to the change in 2019, and it was tedious getting in the grove at first, but now he feels like the improved rule would be an easy transition.

“We started making changes as far as going to paper to-go boxes and paper bags for to-go orders and things like that it was a minor cost difference, but it wasn’t anything that majorly impacted us at all,” said Overstreet.

City leaders said if the new rule is passed, it will take effect in six months.