NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Family members gathered to have a balloon release and vigil to remember the lives of two sisters killed in a car crash involving a 12-year-old driver on July 1.

Dozens of family and friends came together at the North Charleston Community Resource Center to celebrate the life of Mary Alice Dent and Shamricka Latrice Dent. The two sisters were killed on Dorchester Road.

The family says they were able to get more closure after releasing balloons and being able to remember what they loved most about the two sisters.

Police say the two sisters were killed after an underage driver was fleeing from officers after allegedly running a red light. That prompted a police pursuit which only lasted for a few minutes before the crash into the Dent family’s car.

Mary Alice’s nine-year-old son spoke during the vigil, remembering what he loved most about his mom.

“She should be here right now. She was a good woman and that was my mama. I used to do anything for her. I would do anything to have my mama back,” says David Jr. Dent, Mary Alice’s son.

Family members say this is a difficult time for them, but they have no animosity towards the underage driver.

“We don’t hold any animosity against the 12-year-old. We are not angry with him he’s just a child and has a lot of growing to do. That decision that he made, he’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life,” says Justice Allah.

South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. News 2 has reached out to them for more information. We are waiting to hear back.