MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Day two of the Olympic Games has wrapped with Team US bringing in ten medals so far.

Back here in the Lowcountry, people are cheering on athletes from across the world.

“Basketball,” says Noah, who is watching the Olympics with his family. “Because I like shooting and I like dribbling.”

“I watched the cycling yesterday ‘cause I’m a big cyclist, so I really enjoyed that,” said Don Dietrich.”

Dozens of events on the schedule are keeping sports fans in awe. People like Thomas Eitzen, who said he loved gymnastics primarily because of the flips.

“I really like the gymnastics and volleyball,” echoed Allison Howard. “They are probably my favorites.”

The 2020 Olympic Games were postponed a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, making the wait for these astounding acts of physical and mental strength a little longer. But that doesn’t mean fans at home are any less excited.

“It only comes on every four years, so you don’t get to see it often,” Allison said.

Some people – who are athletes themselves – recognize the immense dedication it takes to become an Olympic athlete.

Lowcountry cyclist Don Dietrich said he had Olympic dreams when he was younger. “At one time I thought I could be in the Olympics but realized how tough it is,” he said. “I wanted to pick something we’d never done good in, so I picked race walking.”

And those Olympic dreams are blossoming in 5-year-old Noah, who has been working on his archery skills since he was just three.

“I like shooting the bow and arrow and making it on the target,” he said, hoping to make it to the big games someday.

Whether you’re watching basketball, gymnastics, or swimming – one thing stays the same – American pride. “Go Team USA!”