CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Safe water is now flowing in two Ukrainian cities – Pokrovsk and Mykolaiv – thanks to a team with Water Mission.

Water Mission is leading a coordinated response in Ukraine to address the urgent need for safe water access amid an ongoing war with Russia.

Many water lines in cities, like Mykolaiv, have been damaged during the war. Water Mission team members said people there have been lining up waiting for water shipments in places that once served as tourist attractions pre-war.

“Safe water access is a critical need for internally displaced populations for consumption, cooking, and cleaning, all contributing to good health and avoiding the spread of disease,” said Water Mission.

Right now, Water Mission’s response is focused on immediately providing emergency water access with its Living Water Treatment Systems that treat and purify local water sources on a large scale.

“Each water purification system has the capability to provide enough safe water for up to 5,000 people per day. We have five more emergency water systems being installed in Mykolaiv and we are shipping additional systems to other locations as quickly as we can,” the organization said.

Water Mission teams are shipping water purification packets and hygiene kits from Poland into Ukraine through partners.