CHARLESTON COUNNTY, S.C. (WCBD)- Money from a grant is opening spaces for Charleston County School District (CCSD) teachers to take a breather when they need to during the school day.

Wellness rooms, like the newly finished space at Chicora Elementary School, are equipped with massage tools, mats to stretch on, coloring books and are best enjoyed with the lights off.

“I feel like it’s a space where teachers and staff can come and relax. We have been under a lot of pressure these last few years. Our teacher and staff members have taken on a lot,” said Ronnie Jacobs, the Elementary Support Services Coach for Project Prevent.

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund gave teachers the resources they needed to research what a space like a wellness room needed to look like and then build it.

Jacobs has worked with teachers at Chicora Elementary to give them a vital tool to take care of their mental health.

“To have a space where they can come and relax, get massages and just be in a space of calm and Zen I think is just the feeling that we want. I think it’s the feeling we have achieved,” said Jacobs.

CCSD says that they want teachers to take care of themselves so they can be at their best for others.

“A lot of times you’ll hear that analogy about putting on that oxygen mask first and then being able to better help others,” said Lisa Allison, CCSD’s Director of Psychological Services. “We put a lot of emphasis on self care and building relationships with others.”

The space at Chicora Elementary is only for teachers, but other schools will be making Wellness Rooms for students as well.

Teachers and staff members are already excited about using the new space.

“It feels like teachers and staff members are really appreciative that we thought about doing something like this for them,” said Jacobs. “Teachers love it.”