What’s going around? Lowcountry doctors speak about a rise in upper respiratory infections

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Physicians in the Lowcountry say they are seeing an uptick in people showing up in emergency departments right now with a cold-like illness.

Lowcountry doctors say they are seeing more upper respiratory infection cases that usually don’t come around until the winter. They say that’s why it’s important to monitor symptoms.

“When patients come in, we are not seeing them on X-Rays; it’s not showing up as actual bacterial infection but it’s a lingering cough for two to three weeks,” said Dr. Kenneth Perry, Emergency Physician.

Many people have been dealing with cough and allergy-like symptoms. Doctors say this is uncommon during the summer.

“We don’t normally see some of these other viruses, but they are out there in abundance especially with how different the last 18 months has been,” said Dr. Perry, Emergency Physician.

With COVID-19 cases rising doctors are taking extra precautions by having all patients even the vaccinated ones take COVID tests.

“I think we fell off with our testing in the sense that we weren’t testing as much and it feels like we are starting to ramp up and look at symptoms and believe that even if you have been vaccinated that we will probably be a little more cautious and look at that COVID swab,” said Dr. Perry, Emergency Physician.

With the common cold, Flu, and CVOID-19 all spreading, doctors say it’s important to protect yourself by getting your annual flu shot to keep you healthy and moving forward.

Doctors say there is nothing you can do for a cold but wait it out and take over-the-counter medication if needed.

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