MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Whether at the beach, near a pool, or at ‘The Joe’ for a baseball game, boiled peanuts are a popular southern snack for those who enjoy them.

Often enjoyed throughout the summer, boiled peanuts are raw or green peanuts that are boiled in salty or seasoned water for hours until the shells turn soggy, and the nut becomes full of flavor.

The salty snack will often come in regular or Cajun style, but there are some variations depending on where you purchase them like hot and spicy, barbecue, or even dill pickle.

It is worth mentioning that most southerners will tell you the “ed” in “boiled” is silent: call ‘em boil peanuts.

You can find them at roadside stands across the Lowcountry – one popular spot is Timbos Boiled Peanuts off Ashley River Road – you cannot miss the orange peanut-shaped stand!

When we asked, dozens of people on Facebook told us one of their favorite places to find hot boiled peanuts was at the Flea Market near the Ladson Fairground. Mostly because you can walk around looking at rare finds while enjoying a bag.

Heading out to a Charleston RiverDogs game? You can ask for a bag of boiled peanuts from Tony the Peanut Man – these were named after a ballpark icon of the same name. Before his passing, Tony could be seen walking around The Joe offering a song and dance to those who wanted to purchase a bag of peanuts.

You may even find boiled peanuts on the menu at myriad restaurants around the Lowcountry. One Mount Pleasant hotspot, The Shelter Kitchen and Bar, offers an in-house Cajun recipe on its appetizer menu.

Boiled Peanuts can also be found at area farmer’s markets in Charleston, West Ashley, or Mount Pleasant.

But if you are looking to make your own, head to a Lowcountry grocery store and purchase some green peanuts. Simply add your water to a large stockpot, include your salt and seasonings, and boil for three hours (or longer) before enjoying.