Downtown Charleston, S.C. (WCBD)- All week long, News 2 is talking about life on the third shift—We’re highlighting men and women who are hard at work while most are asleep.

News 2’s Temple Ricke went downtown to Roper Hospital to learn about a 24/7 care unit that helps your loved ones recover.  

Dede Carey, a Clinical Manager in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) explains that when night shift comes in, lights go off. This strategy helps nurses and staff members simulate a regular sleep cycle to make patients more comfortable. She explains, “After having anesthesia, you can be confused and not sure where you’re at and what’s going on”.

The CVICU provides around the clock care to patients needing and recovering from open heart surgery and patients with cardiac medical needs like someone suffering from a heart attack.

Chelsey Massey, a registered nurse says that during night shift, the goal is to help patients progress and recover. She explains, “We don’t just try and maintain we try to keep making them better so that quality is still there on night shift even when physicians and other staff members are not”. She adds that caring for these patients is a team effort, “We love to say teamwork makes the dream work”.