“I’m a fitness fanatic,” says a Charleston-based personal trainer who tailors his nutrition and fitness programs to meet his clients’ needs; whether those needs include weight loss, muscle toning, or muscle building. 

Certified personal trainer (CPT), certified nutrition coach (CNC), and owner of GoodeFit – Zaaq Goode said his motivation towards fitness stemmed from watching other people that both appeared to be in shape and had appealing physiques; like bodybuilders and professional wrestlers. It encouraged Goode to start weightlifting, eventually leading him to start his own side hustle.

“I diversify my fitness approach, depending on my clients’ needs,” Goode said. “My niche is weight loss and toning, I find that a majority of my clients are aiming for those particular goals.”

Goode studied psychology and organizational leadership while in college. He’s applied the fundamentals from his studies towards starting and operating GoodeFit in the middle of 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately for Goode, the pandemic did not hinder his program; he was actually just setting things in place.

“I was just getting started really, with the LLC and everything, it was really more of a learning process to get it uprooted, and then things just started to fall in place at the right time as we crept into 2021.”

Goode also mentioned that he had to “take a leap of faith” and really zero in on his plans to start his personal training venture. His commitment grew; through consistency, progressively feeling stronger over time,   and regularly consulting with different fitness industry professionals.

“The energy was just contagious, it felt to keep doing it, so I just kept doing it,” Goode said.

Considering the debate surrounding people’s understanding of what healthy food choices are versus what unhealthy food choices are. Goode, however, simply says it’s all about a clean or balanced diet and that mental, spiritual facets connect healthy living as well.

“You can eat what you want and still be healthy, you just have to be strict about it, that’s all on the surface,” Goode said. He’d go on to suggest how mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health play such large factors in this connectivity as well.

GoodeFit also offers nutrition coaching for those who struggle in maintaining a balanced diet.

“Ultimately your nutrition goal depends on where you’re at currently and what your goals are, whether you want to bulk up or slim down,” Goode said. “I really just gauge it off the individual current status and their intended goal.”

The Black community, in particular, suffers from an increased rate of mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression. The gap in culturally responsive care is directly correlated to these mental health disparities. Not only would exercise provide physical benefits but mental benefits as well. 

“When you’re exercising it really allows a disconnect from all the distractions we have like what we have to deal with every day; our phones, social media, work,” Goode said. “For me and me clients, it offers an opportunity to zone and get a perspective of yourself.”

Amid the pandemic, Goode said that “COVID is still out here and it’s very real.” He also encourages people to practice social distancing at their workout spaces and to exercise inside when possible.

“They are plenty of fitness videos on YouTube that you can pull up and follow along with for sure,” he says.

To learn more or inquire directly about services from GoodeFit, follow or direct message @_goodefit on Instagram or email goodefitllc@gmail.com