Why attending summer camp can have a positive impact on children

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MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – Does your child have plans for summer break? Research shows attending camps over the summer can be beneficial to childhood development.

Summer camps may be closed right now, but in no time, they’ll be full of fun and laughter.

One director encourages kids to explore new areas.

“I would advise that they look at camps that might be a little further away or a camp that they know all the neighborhood kids aren’t necessarily going to,” said Clemson Outdoor Lab Director, Leslie Conrad.

She says this helps kids step out of their comfort zone and discover new things.

“So it gives them a little bit of freedom to be independent and not under those constraints of things that they might be at home or at school,” she said.

A group of parents involved in a 2016 Clemson University study say they’re seeing positive changes in their children.

“They told us that their children were more self-confident,” said Barry Garst, who led the study with 2000 parents to pinpoint how crucial camp is for a child’s development.

“They were more independent, they took care of themselves better, they made friendships more easily, their social skills improved and if you look at the outcomes they met really strongly with…skills employers say are important for entering the workforce,” he said.

Tina Carter, the program coordinator for Mount Pleasant Recreation Department says that regardless of the camp, the staff is there to ensure your child’s safety

“We are definitely here to make sure they’re safe and having a good time and just come and enjoy themselves,” she said.


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