WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Randolph White, the Williamsburg County man whose animated description of a crashing F-35B fighter jet during a News 2 interview last week became a viral sensation, was given some special news on Wednesday. He had hundreds of dollars in unclaimed cash.

Becoming an internet sensation was not on the agenda for Mr. White. But after his screech was heard around the world, he now has people contacting him from all over – like Delaware, New York, and even those living overseas in Kuwait.

He said anywhere he goes, he is recognized. And he loves it. But we delivered some good news to him on Wednesday morning after we were contacted by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

“He said you have almost $700 of unclaimed money at the state treasurer’s office. What’s your response to that?” asked News 2’s Raymond Owens.

“Thank you,” he said with a laugh. “Thank you! Like I said, I’m not rich, you know, I got food and shelter and clothing, but I will accept it. Thank you very much.”

Loftis sent Mr. White a statement saying they searched his name in their unclaimed money database and found the money after seeing his viral video.

The Unclaimed Property Program through the state treasurer’s office connects people with missing money and unclaimed funds. You can search the agency’s online database to find out if any money is owed to you in South Carolina.

News of his unclaimed cash comes as White plans on releasing a t-shirt later this week at the Hemingway homecoming parade, where he has been invited to ride in the parade.

He’s even hired an agent to help with his newly found celebrity.

“My wife is my agent. And she said all the selfies are going to have to be $5.00 apiece. And the T-shirt is $20. She’s my boss, and she’s my agent so if I wanna have some peace of mind in my house, I gotta go with what the boss say,” White said with a laugh.

White said life before becoming an internet sensation was great, but it is even better now.

“Anytime you can put some smiles on people’s faces, and worldwide, that is a great accomplishment,” he said.

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, you can email carrielavernwhite1592@gmail.com.