Charleston, SC (WCBD) – Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson announced that a Charleston County jury found Carmie Josette Nelson, of Summerville, guilty of Murder. The jury deliberated returned the verdict late Thursday afternoon after four days of trial.

The Honorable J. C. Nicholson, Jr. sentenced Nelson to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 
Testimony at trial revealed that on April 2, 2017, Carmie Nelson brutally murdered her roommate in the Pines of Gahagan neighborhood in Summerville. The victim, Jordan Brooke Lum, had befriended Nelson in February 2017 and had offered Nelson the opportunity to move in with her at her home on Angora Way in the Pines of Gahagan.

Testimony shows by the end of March 2017, the relationship between Nelson and Lum had deteriorated to the point that Nelson had enlisted the help of her estranged husband, Daniel Nelson, in devising several nefarious plans regarding Lum.

Prosecutors say on the morning of April 2, 2017, text messages showed that Nelson was enraged at Lum for calling the police and that Daniel Nelson, who lived in a homeless camp in North Charleston, was heading to Angora Way to assist his wife in an attack against Lum. However, by the time Daniel arrived at the residence on Angora Way that afternoon, Lum was already dead.

Experts say Lum suffered over 110 wounds to her head, neck, torso, and arms, inflicted by knives, a hammer, and other objects. 
Testimony revealed Carmie and Daniel Nelson spent the next two days drinking alcohol, taking pills, and cleaning up the bloody crime scene which resulted from the brutal murder of Lum.

Prosecutors say on April 4, 2017, Carmie Nelson’s anger turned towards her husband and she started making threats against him. As a result, he left the residence and called 911 to report the murder of Lum to police shortly after 9:00PM that night.

Authorities say prior to calling police, Daniel Nelson secretly recorded two conversations with Carmie, where she was heard threatening him and also describing the gory details of how she killed Lum.

Daniel cooperated with law enforcement and prosecutors and described the events leading up to the death of Jordan Lum, as well as the aftermath, in detail to the jury during the trial.