CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The woman accused of vandalizing the Charleston 9 Memorial Park appeared in bond court on Monday.

Police say 32-year-old Eman Mubarak Brown vandalized the memorial which honors nine Charleston firefighters who were killed in the Sofa Superstore Fire.

A warrant for Brown’s arrest was issued last week by the Charleston Police Department. She was taken into custody in Lexington County over the weekend.

Brown was extradited back to the Lowcountry where she faced a judge Monday afternoon for ‘malicious injury to real property’ and ‘attempts to burn.’

During the hearing, a judge set her bond at $54,250 and ordered Brown to never return to the site of the memorial.

Chief Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh for the City of Charleston spoke in court about the malicious nature of the crimes saying, “we believe that the actions against the site, and against the hearts of our members as well as the community, show a great deal of disrespect for the site and community.”

According to records, Brown has a history of vandalizing property. It was acknowledged by the judge, Brown, and her attorney that she has a history of serious mental health issues and takes multiple medications.

Brown begged the judge to reconsider the bond, saying she needs to get her mental health under control, but the judge denied the request.