SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Summerville High has long been known for talent in athletics.

My grandma was voted as the most athletic in the class of 1951.

In 2023, Yannick Smith may be in a class of his own.

“He’s the face of our program. He’s the face of the athletic department, schools drawn to him. He’s got a lot of charisma, big personality. And a lot of game to back it up,” said Green Wave Head Basketball Coach David Long.

The reigning 5A player of the year on the hardwood, Smith doubles as the Green Wave’s biggest threat on the gridiron.

“That’s something I grew up on. It was always in my genes. Everybody in my family played sports. So, I just had to follow their genes. I was touching a basketball and a football since I was a little kid,” said Yannick.

His head coach in football, Ian Rafferty played on Sundays.

And believes Yannick “gets it,” not just on Friday nights.

“He loves to compete. Any time they’re keeping score he’s trying to win. He understands what it takes to be successful, to be really successful and the hard work you have to put in. Not only on the practice field. But in the weight room and in off-season conditioning,” Rafferty said.

As special a talent number three is at both, the two sports feed off each other.

“When I do my releases in football I basically think of crossovers and under the legs in basketball. When I highpoint the ball I think of it as a rebound,” exclaimed Smith.

When you think of two sport standouts at The Ville, this century you think of AJ Green.

Smith has a little more time in the green and gold and could leave his mark among the all-time best.

“There are some big time athletes that have played here. A lot of NFL jersey’s hanging down there. But I think he stacks right up there especially when you talk about multiple sports,” Coach Long said.

“Every time I play on Friday I keep a chip on my shoulder. I don’t let anybody knock me down. Every rep, I try to win every rep,” said Yannick Smith.