Local school supports student with Type 1 diabetes


JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCBD) – A smile that’ll brighten any room, a laugh so contagious — All coming from one young lady who faces all obstacles that comes her way.

“When I was diagnosed, at the beginning of my diagnosis, it was very hard because my family didn’t know anything about it,” said young Emerson.

Emerson Hostetler, a second grader at Harbor View Elementary battles with type one diabetes – a chronic disease where the body doesn’t produce any insulin. 

But here’s the thing — you would never know.

“Emerson is one-of-a-kind. You would have no idea she gets pricked, poked, has to watch what she eats, she doesn’t skip a beat,” said Staci Reed, who believes Emerson’s disease is her best asset.

“The best part of me is that I have type one diabetes, it makes me unique,” said Emerson.

She says her constant support from classmates all the way to her school nurse, which happens to be her grandma, makes keeping this smile on her face easier.

“They ignore anything that happens, they help me a lot with stuff, there’s other people with sicknesses in my class and that makes it a whole lot easier,” she said.

But Reed and Emerson aren’t your average teacher/student duo. They have a very special bond.

“She cares about me a lot,” said Emerson.

So much so, the two went to the salon to get blue streaks died in their hair for National Diabetes Awareness Month.

“I always wanted to dye my hair but mom kept saying no,” said Emerson.

“We surprised Emerson and it was so great to see the joy she felt,” said Reed.

That joy – resonating with every breath Emerson takes.

Although she wears monitors on her arms and is being monitored at all times; her family, friends, and faith pulls her through.

“My mom always says that God has a plan for me, sometimes it’s not easy, but he still has a plan and I like that,” she said. 

On Friday, students and staff wore jeans, a hat or flip-flops for a dollar each to raise money for diabetic research.

An effort to support Emerson and other people who battle with diabetes. 

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