Local woman shares experience with her band and talks about importance of International Women’s Day


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Today is International Women’s Day and many people all over the world are celebrating the incredible women in their lives.

In Downtown Charleston, near Hampton Park, is another woman who deserves some recognition.

Jenna Desmond is a member of local music group Babe Club, a group that started in 2018.

She said International Women’s Day is definitely a day that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

“It’s a special day because we get to think about all of the people that got us here, where are now and also just celebrate each other,” said Jenna.

Their group has a 50-50 ratio of men and women members.

Corey Campbell, member of Babe Club, loves the diversity that their group is able to show off.

“When it’s just a bunch of dudes in the room I think it’s kind of boring. I think having different perspectives and different ideas around always makes for better art, better society, better everything,” said Corey while thinking about what it’s like in band with women.

Both Jenna and Corey are not native to the Charleston area, as they both decided to move to the city after they graduated from college together.

They said it was the Charleston artistic scene that attracted them to the area and they believe they have grown as artists because of it.

Prior to 2020, Babe Club would perform at least 50 shows a year all over the country. However, like everything else, COVID-19 changed their initial plans, which went from planning shows to planning different ways that could increase their exposure.

“I feel like musicians are better understanding how useful the internet is and you can put yourself out there and just connect to people online,” Jenna said.

As Jenna reflected on her music career and the importance of International Women’s Day, she thought of a lesson she wanted to pass down to the next generation of women.

“Confidence is something I feel is hard to battle with yourself when you really want to go after something…it can just be intimidating.”

Jenna Desmond

Babe Club’s newest single “Back to Yesterday” is available now on all music streaming platforms.

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