MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry woman is warning the community about a scam call regarding “winnings” from Publisher’s Clearing House.

The Mount Pleasant resident told News 2 she received a phone call from a man, identified as “Mike Bush,” stating that he was a representative with the organization claiming that she had won a significant amount of money.

To receive the money, though, the scammer told the woman she must first clear the processing and registration with the federal government, which included going to the United States Postal Service and send a certified check in the amount of $555.

She said the man was very convincing, and even said if she couldn’t afford to play, the organization would find a sponsor who she could repay later.

They also warned her that without paying the initial registration, she would not be able to receive the check. The man pushed for her to provide some details, including her full name, and home address.

The woman knew this was a scam and did not offer any important information, but she fears for others who may fall for the trick.

After speaking with the scammer, the woman immediately called to report him and his phone number to both the Federal Trade Commission and the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

“The common theme with the scam calls is there is a sense of urgency in the call. There is always some type of threat or timeline,” said officials with the Mount Pleasant Police Department. “An example would be if you don’t pay a certain amount of money your cell phone will be shut off, or if you don’t pay a certain amount of money you will be arrested.”

Police say these scenarios are rarely accurate and encourage people to end the call if they have any concerns.

From there you can reach out to the company directly after ensuring that you have the correct contact with them.

One major red flag is someone asking for payment through a gift card or iTunes card. Police also remind citizens of a common scam, which included a “police department” or “government agency” calling to make a payment over the phone.

You can listen to a podcast from the Mount Pleasant Police Department where the agency’s senior advocate, Becky Tapia-Cooper, has a conversation about scams and scam calls – you can listen by clicking here.