Lone survivor describes trying to rescue his family from fire


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St. Stephen, S.C.− A mother and her two kids died inside their home in St. Stephen after their house caught fire thursday,  flames ripped through their mobile home in the middle of the night. Christina, her daughter Lakala and her son adopted son Daniel did not have time to escape. There was a fourth person inside the home house who did make it out alive, Christina’s husband Anthony who says he loved his wife with everything in him; who says he wants his kids to know he is proud of them and he loves them. Anthony King lost everything.

“Every time I close my eyes, I just see my kids in the window yelling for their dad,” King remembered as tears swell in his eyes. “I’ve always been the person to raise my kids to believe that daddy is Super Man, I can take care of everything, but I couldn’t do it then and right now it still bothers me. It hurts.”

He described the night he tried to save his wife and children from the raging fire that destroyed their home.

“I yelled at [my son] to go get his sister and I went and grabbed my wife by the arm and dragger her out. Somewhere along the lines, I lost her hands and when I went through the door, I thought the kids were out. When I went through the door, I thought she was behind me. The whole door collapsed and the fire went on my back and got so hot it pushed me out. When I looked, she wasn’t behind me.”

King has hardly gotten any sleep during the last 48 hours. He says he is afraid to close his eyes. The thought of his family pushes him to stay strong.

“I know that my family, my son and my daughter and my wife, would want me to be strong. I know how they would want me to be because I know how I raised my kids.”

He smiled as he remembered something he and his wife repeatedly told their son about finding his future wife. “We always told my son, when you marry somebody, you marry a ride or die wife, the type that will go with you to the end, no matter what. And that’s what my wife did and my children did.”

His faith is what keeps him from breaking down. “I’m a strong believer, that through it all, God’s plan is greater, His purpose is greater. I know my kids and my wife are saved. I know they’re smiling down on me. I know God has them.”

We asked if given the chance to say one last thing to his kids, what would he say?

King answered, “I would want my son and my daughter to know how proud I am of them. That daddy is super proud of them.”

The final thing he would say to is wife is that he will never stop loving her. “My love will never, ever, ever end, never ever,” said King fighting to hold back his emotions. “I loved her with everything I had in me.”

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