MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Loved ones gathered on the docks of Mount Pleasant to celebrate the life of a man they call the ‘King of the Creek’.

Friends and family came together to celebrate the life of Captain Wayne Magwood, who was killed last month after being hit by a vehicle near Shem Creek.

“Everybody loved him…,” said his brother Scott Magwood.

They decided that the best way to honor his legacy was by taking him on one final boat ride and grant him his one dying wish.

“He wanted his ashes spread out in the channel and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Scott Magwood.

Many people shared their own stories of Captain Magwood with many saying they’ve never heard one bad word about him.

“My mom use to live out on the corner of Simmons and McCants, she passed away in February, but every time he would catch some flounder..He would take the flounder, skin it and everything and take it to my mom.”

Frances Kennedy, Longtime friend

“He just met you for the first time, you’d be laughing in ten, fifteen minutes and he’d have you on the boat with him.”

Scott Magwood, Brother

“One of the kindest men you’ll ever work for..Never raised his voice, never yelled at anyone.”

Jimmy Milligan, Crewmate

They all felt that it was necessary to come together and celebrate this one final ride off the docks for a man that built one large extended family

“He knew you, he loved you and…even though we weren’t blood related…We were all very much family,” said Frances Kennedy as she remembers her ‘adopted brother’.

Several friends of Captain Magwood came from out of town specifically to celebrate his life and they all consistently called him an incredible man that will be truly missed.