CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – People in the Lowcountry braced for plummeting temperatures on Friday.

“This is actually our first time visiting, we were expecting it to be a little bit warmer but its freezing,” said Kimberly Carlson who traveled to Charleston from Georgia.

For the homeless community, the frigid temperatures can be brutal.

“I wish I had a place to live, and I wish that I wasn’t like this,” said Natalie Block, who currently does not have a home.

Marsha Alterman hands out lunches to homeless people nearly every day. With the cold air moving in, she helped some people get prepared.

“There are some warming shelters, so I’ve encouraged some of the guys and girls to go to the shelters but I’ve also in the last couple of days been providing blankets and gloves and warm socks,” Alterman said.

Temperatures 35 degrees and below typically prompt warming shelters in the Tricounty area to open their doors. Hibben United Methodist Church is one of the four shelters open on Friday night.

Reverend Katie Brock anticipates all 40 cots at the church will be used.

“We welcome all who are trying to find a place that’s warm and safe to sleep. If anybody who hears the report wants to come out and volunteer, they can just contact the church office and we will get in touch and find a place for them to serve,” Brock. Hibben United Methodist Church can be reached at (843) 884-9761.