SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – As the weather warms up in the Lowcountry, one doctor is sharing tips to keep safe in the heat.

Dr. Kay Durst with Roper St. Francis said feeling dizzy, thirsty, or not having to go to the bathroom often are signs you could be dehydrated. To avoid this, she said to drink lots of water and even sports drinks like Gatorade.

Another thing to be aware of is heat exhaustion. Durst said signs and symptoms can include clamminess, sweating, dizziness, and feeling like you might pass out.

“A lot of it is that you’re dehydrated, and just with the heat. Especially here in the Lowcountry, you have the humidity so it might feel like it’s 85 degrees but it’s really 1000-something so your body is evaporating different fluids,” explained Durst.

According to Durst, heat exhaustion doesn’t just affect older people. It can happen to people of all ages so it’s best to stay hydrated.

“If somebody can get in a cooler environment or air-condition, that’s good and helpful too. Or in the shade, that will help with that heat exhaustion,” said the doctor.

Charleston Bike Taxi Rider George Kinzler said he works close to eight-hour shifts, transporting passengers all over Downtown Charleston.

When the temperature warms up, he comes to work prepared.

“It’s all about hydration, just try to drink as much fluid as possible like water and Gatorade. Definitely wear sunblock and try to get in the shade when you can,” said Kinzler.

Some other tips from Dr. Durst include avoiding the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, as well as wearing sunscreen and sunglasses.