MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – One Lowcountry family says medical marijuana would be a major improvement for their daughter’s autism treatments.

The Guarneri’s of Summerville say their 14-year-old daughter has struggled with severe autism her entire life. Her parents say they’ve tried a number of medicines and treatments with little luck. But as some of the state’s top law enforcement agencies are pushing back against medical marijuana, the Guarneri’s believe it’s the best treatment for their daughter.

“It’s just so hard,” said Stacy Guarneri. “At this point, we don’t know what else to do.”

Autism has put a crippling hold on the Guarneris. Stacy says her daughter’s autism has become worse, 14-year-old Sophia has become aggressive, even ripping her own hair out. The family says they’re too nervous about their daughter’s safety to leave her home by herself.

“Her bedroom walls are completely bashed in, she’s broken countless beds, kicked out front windshields in vehicles,” said Guarneri.

Sophia has visited numerous doctors and therapists and tried various medicines. Her mom said nothing has worked but her research makes her believe medical marijuana could be the answer.

“And these children now are so much better,” said Guarneri. “The parents go to movie theatres, they do things, the child is not harming themselves.”

Some state lawmakers and law enforcement believe the proposed medical marijuana bill is too loose.

“This is a way to dispense marijuana to a vast majority of people and let me make one other point very clear, it is not about medicine, it is not about medical treatment – it is about money,” said Republican State Senator Greg Hembree.

The bill would allow for medical marijuana to be sold across South Carolina, amending current restrictions on use.

“It would help her be comfortable in her skin and it would help my family tremendously,” said Guarneri “One day we’re not going to be here and I just want Sophia to be okay, that’s all I want.”