CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Hospitals across the Lowcountry are getting ready for the potential impacts of Hurricane Ian.

“We have to be concerned about whether we need to shelter in place, or if we still have access to our facilities because people still have emergency medical conditions that need care, even though a storm is coming. People still have babies,” said Stephanie Palmer, the Emergency Management Program Manager at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

Roper Hospital is located right in the heart of Charleston’s Medical District, which is prone to flooding. Leaders there said they’ve activated their Emergency Operations Center, where they participate in daily briefings on the storm.

“We have really robust sheltering-in-place plans so if we have to, we know when a hurricane is coming, we will activate our A and B storm teams to shelter in place and spend the night and stay downtown,” explained Palmer. “We also bring in additional resources, make sure we have food and nutrition supplies to last many days.”

It’s a similar protocol at Trident Medical Center, where the President and CEO said storm prep includes working to ensure they have 96 hours’ worth of supplies.

“We look at everything that the hospital uses to stay operational for 96 hours. We look at pharmaceutical supplies, our medical equipment that we use. We look at food and water,” said Christina Oh.

Charleston County EMS officials told News 2 they have access to high water vehicles if needed. They also said patients will be transported to other hospitals if downtown is not accessible.